From the moment that we first spoke in March last year, I knew that this organization with its commitment to free enterprise and independent modeling would be a tremendous asset in really starting to assess the impact of not only existing but potential policies.

Governor Kim Reynolds

Governor of Iowa

CSI’s presence in Iowa is a game-changer for our state, and I’m thrilled to announce this launch. We are at a crucial juncture in shaping our economic policies, and informed decisions are key. CSI’s rigorous research will be instrumental in guiding these decisions.

Joe Murphy

President of the Iowa Business Council, CSI Iowa Board Chair

Joining CSI Iowa is an honor. The organization’s emphasis on data over politics is vital for objective policy development. I look forward to contributing to this important work.

Amber Mason Lusson

CSI Iowa Board Member, Criminal Justice Expert and Community Leader

I am eager to engage in CSI’s work on the issues facing the Cedar Rapids region and our state. This non-partisanship research will deepen our understanding and aid in navigating the complex challenges we face.

Doug Neumann

Executive Director of the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance, CSI Iowa Board Member