About Us

We believe sound fiscal and economic research is essential to uphold Iowa’s economic vitality, future, and individual opportunity. 

Common Sense Institute Iowa (CSI) is a non-partisan research organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of Iowa’s economy. CSI Iowa is at the forefront of important discussions concerning the future of free enterprise in Iowa and aims to have an impact on the issues that matter most to Iowans.

CSI Iowa’s mission is to examine the fiscal impacts of policies, initiatives, and proposed laws so that Iowans are educated and informed on issues impacting their lives. CSI Iowa employs rigorous research techniques and dynamic modeling to evaluate the potential impact of these measures on the Iowa economy and individual opportunity.

CSI was founded in 2010 in Denver, Colorado. CSI’s founders, a concerned group of business and community leaders observed divisive partisanship was overwhelming policymaking and believed that sound economic analysis could help individuals make fact-based and common sense decisions.

CSI has spent the last decade at the intersection of state and national politics, and successfully provided facts to help make common sense decisions about policies that affect their everyday lives. Because of these successes, CSI is pleased to announce its expansion to Iowa in 2023. To learn more about CSI’s impact, visit: www.commonsenseinstituteus.org.

To help the future of CSI Iowa, please consider becoming a member or a donor! Visit: www.commonsenseinstituteia.org/donate-now


Guiding Principles:

    Common sense policies should govern market structures with minimal interference while promoting ideas to flourish through competition and protecting individual rights.
    Promote or create a foundation of thoughtful policies for Iowa’s economic vitality with a diversity of businesses to enhance the overall quality of life for all Iowans.
    Enable opportunity for individuals and families to prosper, grow, and make Iowa home. We all should be afforded the opportunity to achieve the American Dream.
    Provide research that is based on fact and connects us through a diverse and dynamic economy. Policy changes can often have broad and long-term ripple effects. We utilize dynamic economic models, and other tools, to simulate economic impact scenarios across Iowa’s economy.
    We believe it is critical to work across the aisles on positive solutions to address Iowa’s biggest challenges.