Common Sense Institute Iowa Belief Statement

We believe sound fiscal and economic research is essential to uphold Iowa’s economic vitality, future, and individual opportunity. 


CSI Iowa has named Dr. Chelsea Lensing as the 2024 Health and Wellness Fellow.

David Hayes, President Coe College: Dr. Lensing is one of our brightest minds at Coe College and in Iowa. We applaud her achievements and are honored to have CSI name her as a Fellow.

In April, employment in Iowa fell for the first time since May 2023, according to BLS`s establishment survey.

See CSI Iowa`s report on today’s BLS employment data release here:

Great job by Iowa Public Radio and International Journal of Drug Policy on highlighting the astonishing and heartbreaking human cost of America`s fentanyl crisis.

Next month, CSI Iowa will release a report exploring its economic costs for Iowa.

Follow for updates on its release.

Meet Dr. Chelsea Lensing, CSI`s latest addition as our Health & Wellness Fellow!

Dr. Lensing serves as an assistant professor at Coe College and brings a wealth of knowledge in health, labor, and public economics, particularly delving into how nutrition shapes healthcare costs. Stay tuned for her report to be released later this summer on the health care in Iowa. Welcome Chelsea!

CSI Director of Policy & Research, Ben Murrey, on the Sensemaker podcast with Tortoise discussing the #CaitlinClarkEffect. Making sense of how the Caitlin Clark Effect grew the Iowa economy by $14-53M.

Read the report:
Listen to the podcast:

Join us as we shed light on #NationalFentanylAwareness Day. Stay tuned for our upcoming CSI report in June, which will dive into the impact this crisis has had on Iowa. ...

Happy #CincoDeMayo from the CSI team!

Did you know that Cinco de Mayo is the biggest avocado consumption day of the year? Approximately 87 million pounds of avocados are purchased, adding extra flavor to the festivities!🥑

Happy #AffordableHousingMonth! Since the housing market bottomed in 2011, the cost of rent in the U.S. has far outpaced wages. In Iowa, the opposite is true: wages increased faster than rents.

Read CSI’s full housing competitiveness report here:


CSI’s mission is to examine the fiscal impacts of policies, initiatives, and proposed laws so that residents are educated and informed on issues impacting their lives. Common Sense Institute was founded in 2010 originally as Common Sense Policy Roundtable in Colorado. CSI’s founders were a concerned group of business and community leaders who observed that divisive partisanship was overwhelming policymaking and believed that sound economic analysis could help residents make fact-based and common sense decisions.